My Story

Oscar Gutierrez is one of South Africa’s most versatile and well-known photographers, renowned for his work capturing key people and moments in the country’s social, political and cultural history. Having arrived in southern Africa in 1994, Oscar is now internationally recognized one of the best 10 photographers for his extensive archive of images of the key moments in South Africa’s contemporary history.

His work spans key moments and leaders in South Africa’s democratic transition and constitution, portraiture of the country’s political leadership, images of artists and musicians in action, aerially shot cityscapes and portrayal of the country’s stark beauty and inequality.

Originally from Guatemala, Oscar has lived and worked in Latin America, the Caribbean, Israel, Canada, the United States, Mozambique and South Africa. His photographic skills have been developed through experience that spans working as a photographer at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre in the US to work in Latin America as a photojournalist, and in commercial photography studios around the world. His training includes a Bachelor in Fine Arts specializing in photojournalism from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York, as well as MA candidacy in Fine Arts.