Since arriving in southern Africa in 1994, photographer and photojournalist Oscar Gutierrez has documented an astonishing range of events and issues in politics, arts and culture, religion, and much besides. In the process, he has become possibly the quintessential photojournalist in southern Africa today.

Oscar’s natural warmth, humility, and good humor have allowed him the access necessary to document events of all types and sizes, from intimate family moments to community meetings and school events, too many of the most important political and cultural events in post-Apartheid South Africa. Oscar has also accumulated an impressive commercial client list, as well as an invaluable archive of imagery of South African musicians. Covering countless performances ranging from the tiniest and most spontaneous jam session to many of the largest headliner concerts, Oscar has accumulated what may be one of the most extensive contemporary photographic archives of South African music in existence.

Oscar’s formal training includes a Bachelor in Fine Arts, specializing in photojournalism, from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York, as well as an MA candidacy in Fine Arts.

Carlos Galilea

Dirige y presenta el programa Cuando los elefantes sueñan con la música en Radio 3. Escribe en El País desde 1987. Autor de los libros Canta Brasil y Violão Ibérico, coautor del Diccionario de Jazz Latino y El Milagro de Candeal y textos del pasaporte Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club.